How do calculators compute sine?

Introduction Sine, one of the fundamental trigonometric functions, plays a crucial role in various fields, including mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science. Its calculation is not trivial, especially when it comes to implementing it in electronic calculators, where efficiency and … Read More

How do calculators solve equations?

Lots of calculators offer the capability to solve arbitrary equations. Even if they are not, they implicitly use it for calculating square roots. In Algeo, for example, it is also used for snapping points on a graph to minimums and … Read More

How do calculators compute square roots?

In school, we all learn how to multiply add and divide numbers. They are simple algorithms and it is easy to conceive how computers perform the same kind of calculations. And this is mostly what happens: instead of decimals, a … Read More


How fast does a mouse move, if it ran 50 yards in 2 minutes? In other calculator apps, you have to enter the following: (50*0.9144/1000)/(2/60) -> 1.37 First, you have to convert yards to meters, then to kilometers, then divide … Read More

Android CoordinatorLayout insetEdge

The CoordinatorLayout view in Android lets you create views that change their positions relative to each other. You can attach Behaviors to the children of a CoordinatorLayout that control how one view should change its properties relative to others. For … Read More

Featured on App of the Day!

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Linux Server on an Android Phone

A little while ago I wanted to set up a small home server to host some pages. I could have just used some free web hosting but where is the fun in that? So I checked what old devices I … Read More

Parametric Plots & Statistics

It’s been a while since we wrote a summary on the new features in the calculator. In this post, I’ll collect the latest updates. Let’s start with the function that most people asked for: basic statistical and probability functions! You … Read More

Inside Windows Registry

The Windows Registry is a central storage for settings in Windows, and also a popular target of hacks to enable/disable obscure features. But how does it work? Where does it store all the data? What options are available in it? … Read More

Lockable Graph Axes

Since our last post, 4 updates were sent to Google Play. Many of these were small adjustments and bugfixes. But there are two large features I want to talk about now. First, we made the keyboard slideable. You can easily … Read More