Since our last post, 4 updates were sent to Google Play. Many of these were small adjustments and bugfixes. But there are two large features I want to talk about now.

First, we made the keyboard slideable. You can easily pull it down, leaving a large space to read your previous calculations. If you tend to have a large history, you now have a comfortable way to inspect old results. When finished, just slide the keyboard back up!

Second, the graphing interface received a new option: making the axes always visible. When it is turned on, the axes snap to the edge of the screen so you can always check the range of the plot. Previously, if you slided too far, the axes simply disappeared, making it impossible to check where you were 🙁

Finally, the manual was also updated, it had some old stuff that no longer was correct. Also, we added some more clarifications and tricks. At the same time, the documentation on this website was updated too, as it was an even older version than the one in the app!

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