Getting Started

When you first start the app you’ll see the calculator interface. Try entering some simple calculations like 5+1. The result appears as you type and updates instantly. In this manual the right arrow (→) shows that after entering an expression what result you get. So the previous example can be written as:

To jump to a new line press OK. Now you added a new line to enter calculations. You can always go back to previous calculations and edit them. To calculate the root of a number press the square root sign then enter the number. To jump out from under the root sign tap to the right of the expression on the blank field or use the arrow buttons. Press the FUNC button to enter additional functions like sin or log.

If your input contains errors then a yellow exclamation mark appears on the left side. The result turns into grey showing that the computation can not be executed.

If you want to draw some graphs press the Graph button at the top of the keyboard. Here you can see four slots for equations. Click on the first one ( f(x)= ). You’ll see an interface similar to the calculator but some buttons are different. Enter the function x^2. You will have to swipe the keyboard to the right to be able to enter ^. This will draw the square of x. Press OK then Draw. Now you can see the function drawn on the screen.

Now go back and enter the function x+1 under g(x). Press Draw. Now trace the two functions by pressing the Trace button at the bottom of the screen. You will see dots appearing on both functions. Move it around and notice that it snaps to intersections and roots.

If you need further help or you would like to suggest new features send a mail to