How fast does a mouse move, if it ran 50 yards in 2 minutes? In other calculator apps, you have to enter the following:

(50*0.9144/1000)/(2/60) -> 1.37

First, you have to convert yards to meters, then to kilometers, then divide by the time while making sure it is in hours. However, in Algeo it is much simpler:

50yards/2min -> 1.37km/h

Using this new feature, you can do any calculations with units, and the result will be displayed automatically. The app does the imperial to SI conversion, and then converts the results to km/h.

All of the important units are supported so calculations that involve a mix of different dimensions become trivial. The units can be accessed by pressing the UNIT button above the keyboard. To change the units of the result, press the three dots next to the results and select ‘Change unit’.

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