We have added two new exciting features to the calculator in the recent months. Let’s see what those are!

Fractional results

Many people asked to display the result of the additions of rational numbers as fraction instead of decimals. This can be useful in many cases. Also, if precision is required, this can avoid edge cases due to the lower precision of real number calculations. We have added this feature along with arbitrary precision calculation for integers. Now, if you calculate 1/2+1/3, you get the correct result as 5/6. Previously the maximum precision of integers were 10^18. This can be arbitrarily large after the new update. If you don’t need fractional outputs, just turn them off in the Settings.

Finding minimums

Second, we have enhanced the tracing feature in our plotting algorithm. It used to detect roots and intersections of functions automatically. From now on, it also detects minimum and maximum points! Just the same way as before, move your fingers across the screen and the tracing dot will automatically jump to the nearest interesting point!

Of course, aside from the two major features above we added other small fixes and optimizations. These will make the calculator faster, more stable and precise.

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